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Colline di Romagna DOP (Romagna Hills PDO) is our extra virgin olive oil that has gained the protected designation of origin. This means that it is produced only by regional varieties of olives, following a strict regulation which rules each step of the productive process.

The olive harvest is carried out by hand or by mechanical shakers during the months of October and November. The following transformation of the olives into oil comes to an end within 12-24 hours, at a temperature kept lower than 27 °C. The oil produced is green with golden reflections. Its strong aroma of olives just crushed perfectly fits with a light scent of freshly cut grass and its fruity flavour is enriched with an aftertaste of almonds, artichokes and tomatoes.

It pairs with fish based antipasti, bruschetta, legumes soups, pottages and veg recipes.

Cultivar: Correggiolo >60%, other local varieties

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PDO Colline di Romagna Extra virgin olive oil

Cultivar: Correggiolo >60%, other local varieties

100% Italian

Cold extraction