About us


About us

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Oleificio Pasquinoni is a family-run oil mill in Rimini, in the heart of our beautiful Italy. Pasquinoni family hands down generation after generation the experience and the passion necessary to obtain a high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Making a first-class EVOO is an act of love. Every day, each step of the production process must be carried out with the greatest care The most advanced technology are employed in order to extract only the best by the olives.

A tale of quality since 1968

Our company has deep roots in our territory and we have a long-lasting partnership with the olive growers of the Rimini hills. Thanks to this loyal collaboration we are certified makers of the extra virgin olive oil Colline di Romagna PDO, an absolutely unique Italian food specialty

Colline di Romagna PDO

The respect for nature and for human health is our core-value, and this is why we persistently aim to reduce our impact on the environment. For these reasons we also engaged in the production of an organic extra virgin olive oil, which is made without using bad chemicals and it’s therefore the best for the lovers of a healthy diet.