Certifications and Quality system


Certifications and Quality system

Pasquinoni oil-mill has obtained the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 for the olive processing and extra virgin olive oil packaging.
Therefore, all the phases from purchase of raw material to olive processing, production and delivery of finished product are regulated by procedures allowing to check the reached quality.

Our meticulous attention in the traceability of extra virgin olive oil has been officially certified as being in compliance with the standard UNI EN ISO 22005:2008

check the reached quality


The European Union Commission, with the Regulation 1091 dated 25 AUGUST 2003, has definitively approved the identification request of “NAME OF ORIGIN PROTECTED DOP “Hills of Romagna” for the extra virgin olive oil produced in Rimini and Forli’-Cesena’s provinces. The community identification has particular importance for Rimini’s province, traditionally dedicated to agriculture, now representing 70% of the whole oil production in the D.O.P. area.


Only the oil obtained and produced by olives coming from biological agriculture is biologic.

The activities of olive harvesting, preservation, extraction, preservation and packaging are controlled. In fact, to obtain the trademark “product obtained by biologic agriculture” all workers (olive growers, olive-press operators, bottler and trades) are subject to the control regime of a body recognised by the State; in our case it is the Authority for the Control of CCPB Biologic Products.

The operations carried out in the firm, the goods and used raw material movements have to be recorded on suitable registers.

The controls are used not only to avoid frauds and false competition, but also to establish a relation of mutual trust between producer and consumer.

We offer our customers controlled and genuine products, produced with the most modern working systems, but treated respecting the tradition and love for good things.