Terms of sale

Terms of sale


In compliance with the Italian law (Legislative Decree 21/2014 which adopts the EU directive 2011/83), Oleificio Pasquinoni shall collect and replace the goods sent to the customers which are not compliant or damaged. This will be done at our own expenses.
If, for any other reason, the customer wants to return the purchased goods, the customer shall respect these conditions.

  • Within 14 days since the receipt of the goods, the customer shall send a registered mail stating:
  • The will to avail himself of the right to return the goods, as sanctioned in the art. 52 of the Legislative Decree 21/2014;
  • The product or the products that he intends to return;
  • The data concerning his bank account for the reimboursement (Name of the Bank, Code IBAN and code BIC/SWIFT)

The registered mail shall be sent to:

  • Oleificio Pasquinoni srl
  • Via Tasso 2
  • 47853 Coriano (RN)
  • Italy

Oleificio Pasquinoni shall refund by bank transfer the amount paid by the customer for the products, freight charges excluded.
The products and the packaging of which the customer wants the return shall be intact and the guarantee seal shall be unaltered.
The refund shall be made within 15 days from the receipt of the registered mail by which the return has been demanded.


Oleificio Pasquinoni is an oil mill since 1968. Our extra virgin olive oil is directly produced by us in our continuous cycle oil mill, therefore each step of the production – from the selection of the best olives to the bottling – is under our control. So, we can guarantee about the quality and the Italian origin of our extra virgin olive oil.
The outcome is the esteem and the trust that thousands of customers put in our company.


Oleificio Pasquinoni srl

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