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A drop of life

It's only by avoiding compromises and by following the path of quality that we make a product defined by doctors as NUTRACEUTICAL, which means it feeds, it prevents and it cures.
l'olio extravergine è nutraceutico

Nowadays we are surrounded by a lot of clamour generated by several illnesses afflicting human beings, in particular tumours and various types of degenerative pathologies and serious diseases.

The daily pace and intensity of life lead us to accumulate stress, forgetting we have a natural ally for the prevention of our physical disorders and severe illnesses: i.e. a good and healthy diet.

Eating badly and then complaining about the bad results of our blood tests is pointless. The diet we follow has a vital importance in the determination of our well-being. The day we came to life our body was perfect; by getting older our cells go through an ageing process that could be opposed by a healthy diet.

Clinical tests demonstrate the health benefits of a regular consumption of high quality extra virgin olive oil for several parts of our body.

  • Hearth
  • Breast
  • Intestine
  • Stomach
  • Liver
  • Brain
  • Hair and Face
  • Skin

    For children:
    For athletes:
    For elderly people:

    olio extravergine italiano

    Extra virgin olive oil is extracted from olives using mechanical means only. No high temperatures and chemicals solvents are employed in the extraction process.

    olio extravergine estratto a freddo

    Recent studies have shown that a regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil brings about a reduction of LDL cholesterol.

    Olio extravergine ricco di polifenoli

    Extra virgin olive oil naturally contains polyphenols, which are precious antioxidants that help protecting from free radicals and cell ageing.

    Olio extravergine prodotto in italia

    It helps preventing from Alzheimer disease.

    Olio extravergine prodotto italiano

    It helps preventing tumours and other degenerative illnesses.

    Olio con olive di provenienza italiana

    With a smoke point of 190°C, extra virgin olive oil is perfect for frying.

    Pasquinoni EVOO is the loyal partner of your tasteful recipes and the vigilant guardian ....

    ... of your good health!

    " And the dove came in to him in the evening; and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf pluckt off; so Noah knew that the waters were abated from the earth."
    (Genesis 8.11)

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    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Beeswax coated salami and cheese
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